• Academic Staff

Associate Master – Dr. Walter Ho

Dr. Walter Ho earned his Master and PhD degree in Sydney University with physical education as his major study. His research interests focus on sport sociology, comparative education, curriculum development and pedagogical study. One of his publications in 2009 tried to capture the development of physical education from social perspective.

Walter had about ten years of work as physical education teacher in primary and secondary schools. He also served in the Sport Development Board and Curriculum Development Institute in Hong Kong from 1995 to 2002. While he worked in these offices, he managed different projects such as the GO!Sport Program, Fitness Award Scheme for school children, curriculum development of Wushu and kept-in-charge of the Learning to Learn curriculum reform works in physical education.

Walter has served as the President of the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES) and Vice-President in education of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) from 2009 to 2016. Walter actively involves in various developmental projects that cover areas in pedagogical study in physical education, quality works for physical education, fitness and health development of students, academic programs in university and sports education.

Currently he is involved in the research project on Quality Physical Education and Active Kid Movement. He also keeps in-charge of the Active 123 project for Macau primary and secondary school students and the training program for School Leisure Activities Specialists in Macau SAR.

Dr. Ho loves sport. He played squash, fencing, badminton, canoeing and many other games. An evening running is the activity that he enjoys and heaven to him.

Resident Fellow – Dr. Yaning Qi

Dr. Yaning Qi took undergraduate study in Tongji University, Shanghai and obtained her doctoral degree in life sciences at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her research interests are in Biochemistry and protein engineering. She worked in Procter & Gamble Singapore innovation center as an R&D scientist for years before joining University of Macau.

Her years of experience in both academic and industry areas have not only shaped her into a life scientist, but have more enabled her to appreciate different cultures and talents. Having served as a new hire coach for years in P&G, she would love to share her experience and tips to the college students about career advice and personal development. She is enthusiastic to create college experiential learning opportunities focusing on service learning, innovation and leadership development. Dr Qi is also passionate about paintings, belly dancing and travelling and she is looking forward to having all students join her to enjoy the colorful residential college life.

Resident Fellow – Dr. Li Wai Chung

Dr. Li holds a BA and MPhil in music from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining CKYC, she worked as the assistant professor at Centennial College, Hong Kong. Her research interests include music of China and India, music and minority, and Asian popular culture. As an ethnomusicologist, she hopes to introduce different cultures of the world and enrich the team work experience through world music performance. Besides leading the chamber choir and various musical groups, she will establish the African drumming group at CKYC.