• Academic Staff

Associate Master – Dr. Kelly Li

Dr. Kelly Li is a Chinese licensed lawyer, and a member of China Bar Association. She practiced law in mainland China for 7 years. Her specialization is maritime law, international trade law and international investment law. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in international law from China University of Politics and Law (CUPL), and her master’s degree in maritime law from the University of Southampton in the UK.  She earned her PhD degree in international law from the University of Macau.  She engaged in several national research programs and taught courses in arbitration law and basic law. Her research interest lies in Chinese culture and history, especially in the culture and history of Macau.

Besides a dedicated scholar in legal research and education, Dr. Li is also a supporter of the whole-person education. She has great enthusiasm in the residential college education. From August 2015 to December 2018 she served in Chao Kuang Piu college of UM. She has successfully designed and launched a wide range of education programs in the college with the collaboration of UM faculty members. With abundant experience in student affairs work, Dr. Li mentored student organizations and advocated developing an effective students’ governance system in RCs.

Dr. Li joined CKYC in February 2019.

Resident Fellow – Dr. Yaning Qi

Dr. Yaning Qi took undergraduate study in Tongji University, Shanghai and obtained her doctoral degree in life sciences at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her research interests are in Biochemistry and protein engineering. She worked in Procter & Gamble Singapore innovation center as an R&D scientist for years before joining University of Macau.

Her years of experience in both academic and industry areas have not only shaped her into a life scientist, but have more enabled her to appreciate different cultures and talents. Having served as a new hire coach for years in P&G, she would love to share her experience and tips to the college students about career advice and personal development. She is enthusiastic to create college experiential learning opportunities focusing on service learning, innovation and leadership development. Dr Qi is also passionate about paintings, belly dancing and travelling and she is looking forward to having all students join her to enjoy the colorful residential college life.

Resident Fellow – Dr. Li Wai Chung

Dr. Li holds a BA and MPhil in music from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the Butler School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining CKYC, she worked as the assistant professor at Centennial College, Hong Kong. Her research interests include music of China and India, music and minority, and Asian popular culture. 

Her research interests include music of China and India, music and minority, and Asian popular culture. As an ethnomusicologist, she hopes to introduce different cultures of the world and enrich the team work experience through world music performance. Besides leading the chamber choir and various musical groups, she will establish the African drumming group at CKYC.