• Resident Tutors

Resident Tutors (RTs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders in the College who proactively guide and help our students in each floor, and ensure that the College offers a positive living and learning environment for all resident members. A strong, committed RT and RA team is extremely important to the welfare of CKYC students and to the development of our residential college.

Resident Tutors are university postgraduates of good standing who are reading for a masters or doctorate degree at UM. They must also be supportive of the aims of the College governing body and the management ethos of the community. Assisted by respective RAs, they take care of one group of around 30 student residents. They are also expected to organize activities for the floor and for the College as a whole. Although they should report on suggestions from students of their floor, RTs are not the primary conduit through which student complaints are made. This is the role of the HA Executives. The RT is also the immediate point of call for students of the floor when problems arise.