CKYC College Master – Prof. Kevin Zhen

Welcome to Choi Kai Yau College

As an education model, residential college system has lasted for more than one thousand years in China and has produced many great masters and famous scholars who established, spread and perpetuated Chinese culture, tradition and thoughts. Residential college is not only a living community but also a learning community reinforcing positive student and faculty relations, a harmonious college environment and strong cultural identity.

As a part of a forward-looking University renowned for the excellence of its teaching and research, Choi Kai Yau College is to implement the motto of the University: humanity (仁), integrity (義), propriety (禮), wisdom (知), sincerity (信) by general education, community and peer education, and experiential learning and to equip students with the five virtues. It is also a big family to promote local culture and traditions.

Welcome to Choi Kai Yau College.


中國傳統書院始於唐,興於宋,延綿至晚清,歷史千余年。書院匯集鴻儒,承載中華文化,傳播儒家思想, 培養士人,張揚人文精神。


蔡繼有書院以踐行澳大校訓為己任,深刻理解全球化時代、文化為根之重要, 在培養院生全球化視野之同時, 強調”敏於思,慎於行”, 倡導師生融洽尊師愛生之院風,以儒家文化融於生活,註重傳統節日和傳統禮儀,從生活中學習文化,希冀每位院生以了解傳承澳門文化生活和儒家文化傳統而為澳門人、為中國人,為中華文化之薪火傳人。

                                                                                                                                                             甄勇 教授

Professor Kevin Zhen earned his PhD degree in economics from University of Cambridge. He has many years of living experience in residential college at Cambridge.

As a scholar, his academic field is in industry economics. He is an economist and published the world’s first book on China’s retailing and the first book to introduce China’s capital markets. He likes teaching and has taught many undergraduate courses, such as Principles of Economics, International Economics, China’s Economy, Investments, Strategic Management, International Business, etc., and some MBA courses, such as Global Marketing Strategy, for Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), and some professional courses for Hong Kong CPA Association. He was a joint professor and supervisor for PhD students at HKBU.  

As an educator, Professor Zhen is a pioneer of internationalization in high education and is active in education reform. He was one of the early founders of the first joint university between Hong Kong and mainland, Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College. He was founding program directors of four programs: Financial Mathematics, Applied Economics, Finance, and Accounting there.

Professor Zhen was the Vice President of Global Affairs and Student Recruitment at Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai. He built two colleges collaborating with American and French universities within three years. He was the founding Dean of Sino-US College, which has developed 9 joint programs collaborating with 5 American top universities, and the founding Dean of Bryant College.

Professor Zhen actively engages in cultural and art activities. He built an international alliance of art and design schools involving universities from different continents. He likes Chinese traditional culture and promoting life Confucianism.