• Administrative Staff

Functional Head of General Office – Ms. Jenny Mok

I am currently the Functional Head in Choi Kai Yau College. I am a graduate from University of Macau, majoring in English Studies. Before joining CKYC, I worked in the Faculty of Social Sciences for 10 years. Working in the RC is another precious experience, as I can know more about students and their college lives. There is a variety of challenges ahead in CKYC!

I enjoy travelling, too. I am so fond of visiting different zoos during my travels. I always think if I can have the possibility of visiting the Safari Park in South Africa and can witness the Annual Wildebeest Migration one day. Welcome to chitchat with me about your travels and all sorts of anecdotes in your leisure time!

Administrative Assistant – Ms. Isis Vong

I joined the CKYC team in January 2019 as the secretary. I start my journey in the University of Macau from old to new campus. My bachelor degree was obtained in Faculty of Business. Hence, after earning experience in different projects and industries, I came back to the campus as Administrative staff in the Faculty of Law for 5 years. Joining Resident College is an interesting adventure, as it is always inspiring to share and experience college life with students!

I am an outward-oriented introverts and INFJ in MBIT. I love reading, cooking and watching movies, listening to others’ stories and sharing delicious food is always enjoyable. I also love planting and travelling, destination for exploring natural wonder and observing astronomical phenomenon such as aurora are favored. Welcome to chitchat with me and enjoy college life together!