Dear CKYC students,

Greetings from Choi Kai Yau College! To ensure that the move-in procedures will proceed smoothly, please pay attention and comply with the following arrangements:

  1. Move-in Date: 13 – 14 August 2018 (Monday – Tuesday)
  2. Move-in Period: 9:00-13:00 and 14:30-17:30, please follow the move-in timeslot arranged by Choi Kai Yau College and move in accordingly (Attachment 2)
  3. Move-in Venue: Choi Kai Yau College Lobby, W12, Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China
  4. Documents needed for Move-in Procedures:

  (1) “Offer of Admission”;

  (2) Please submit one 1.5-inch color photos of yourself upon move in (write down your name in block letters and, where applicable, also your Chinese name on the back)

  1. Parent Sessions (Optional): 13 August 2018 (11:30-12:00 & 16:30-17:00; 2 sessions available) ; 14 August 2018 (11:30-12:00; 1 sessions available)  Remarks:  The content of all sessions is the same
  2. 1st Lecture: 18:30, 14 August 2018 – College Dining Hall, ALL YEAR-ONE STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND (Dress Code: Smart Casual)


  1. Room allocation is arranged by the College. Room category, floor, location and roommate selection are determined by the College. 
  2. Dining hall, laundry and drying room are located inside the College; Air conditioner, refrigerator and basic furniture will be provided in each room.
  3. Students should provide their own bedding and personal items.
  4. The Wireless LAN service is accessible in College. You need to bring your own laptop. Please bring your own 3-meter-long cable if you would like to use Wired LAN Service (Friendly Reminder: College uses three-pin-square-plugs).
  5. College Move-in Day is scheduled on 13 – 14 August 2018. No early move-in is allowed. 
  6. College Orientation Program will be held after mass move-in. All students are compulsory to join all activities on 13 – 21 August 2018. For details, please follow closely our College news updates.
  7. Each student can be accompanied by a maximum two relatives or friends during the move-in period. Please note that they cannot stay in the College overnight.
  8. There is a Medical Center on Campus.  For emergencies please call (853) 8822-4123 or the Security Center (853) 8822-4126 for help.
  9. Attached please find the Campus Map (Attachment 3), Public Bus Route Maps (Attachment 4), RC Move-in Traffic Arrangement 2018 (Attachment 5), for your reference.
  10. Please get off at the bus stop of “University Sports Campus” then heading to Choi Kai Yau College (W12 Building).

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our College Office via email: We look forward to seeing you on move-in day. Thank you so much.

Choi Kai Yau College



  1. 辦理入住日期:2018年8月13日及14日 (星期一及星期二)
  2. 辦理入住時間:9:00-13:00, 14:30-17:30 (書院會為同學分流到指定的時間段前來辦理入住手續,詳細入住時間安排請查閱附件2)
  3. 辦理入住地點:澳門氹仔大學大馬路 西十二座 (W12) 蔡繼有書院大堂
  4. 辦理入住所需文件:

  (1) 「新生入學通知書」;

  (2) 須呈交一張1寸半正面彩色的個人近照 (相片背面請寫上中文姓名及其拼音)

  1. 家長簡介會時間 (非強制)2018年8月13日 (11:30-12:00及16:30-17:00,共兩場); 2018年8月14日(11:30-12:00,共一場) 備註: 所有場次內容均相同,家長只需參加其中一場即可
  2. 書院第一課:將於2018年8月14日18:30舉行,地點為蔡繼有書院餐廳,所有新生必須參加 (服裝要求: 半正式休閒裝)


  1. 分配房間的結果由書院安排,學生不得選擇。入住書院之種類、樓層、方向、房間及其室友亦須按院方分配。
  2. 書院設有用餐區、洗衣及晾衣間;學生的房間內有空調、雪櫃及基本傢俱。
  3. 學生需自備被鋪及生活用品。
  4. 書院設有無線上網服務;學生需自行帶備手提電腦,如需用有線上網請自行準備長約三米的網線 (温馨提示:本書院使用三腳方型插座)。
  5. 書院入住日期訂於2018年8月13日及14日,非本地學生如提前抵達澳門需自行安排住宿。
  6. 書院迎新活動將於入住書院後舉行,所有學生必須參與8月13日至21日全部迎新活動,詳情將於稍後公佈。
  7. 每位學生可由最多兩位親友陪同,倘若親友需留宿澳門,請自行安排入住各大酒店,親友不能在書院留宿。
  8. 校內設有醫療中心,提供急救服務,如遇突發事故可致電 (853) 8822-4123或保安中心 (853) 8822-4126求助 。
  9. 書院為大家提供校園地圖 (附件3)、公共巴士路線圖 (附件4),2018年書院入住交通安排資訊及路線圖 (附件5)作為參考。
  10. 乘坐公共巴士的同學請於「澳大/綜合體育館」站下車,再步行至蔡繼有書院 (西十二座)。

若同學對有關入住蔡繼有書院有任何疑問,可電郵至 與我們聯絡,謝謝。