Message from the College Master

Welcome to Choi Kai Yau College!

Having studied and worked in collegiate universities for most of my life — and greatly benefited from the experience — I am delighted to have the opportunity to be part of CKYC and contribute to making it a vibrant and enriching environment for our students and faculty Fellows.

A College is, of course, much more than its buildings; just as a University is so much more than a place to attend classes, or a place to get a qualification. Much more important will be the new (and old) friends that we meet, the experiences that we share and the community that we will build together.

CKYC students have many opportunities to participate in (and organize!) diverse Colleges activities and events on- and off-campus, in support of their whole-person development under the 4-in-1 education model of the University of Macau. To CKYC students: I hope that you will find CKYC to be a good place for you to develop new skills, broaden your horizons, even challenge your beliefs! Along the way, I hope that you will find your goals in life and your friends for life.

It is my hope that Choi Kai Yau College would be a stimulating Academic Environment, where learning is pursued for the love of knowledge discovery. It is my hope that CKYC would be an open and inclusive Caring Community, where members of different backgrounds and cultures can explore new ideas and interests together. The College will do its very best to provide a motivating and supportive habitat for all that.

Professor Janny M.Y. LEUNG, Master

Choi Kai Yau College





我希望蔡繼有書院是一個鑽研學術之處, 師生好學不倦,為求知追求學問。我希望蔡繼有書院是一個互助互愛之群,師生互相尊重包容、厚德載物。書院將竭盡全力為大家提供一個積極、富有啟發性的環境,實現敬業樂群的理想。