We Who Make History / 創造歷史的我們

CKYC Founding Master’s Lecture by Prof. David Pong on Mar 12, 2018 at E31, Theatre of Student Activity Center

We Who Make History

This is a special evening to the Choi Kai Yau College students! Invited by the Interim College Master of CKYC, Dr. Walter Ho, the Founding Master, Prof. David Pong, returns to the campus and gives a Founding Master’s Lecture – We Who Make History at E31, the Theatre of Student Activity Center.

Prof. Pong deliberates with audience on the words about the title at the beginning of the lecture:

  • “We” – you and me, people in general;
  • “make” – to commit actions or take part in them that result in causing changes to our community, society, or the world; also to research or collect information about the past, interpret them, and write about the findings in a work of history;
  • “To make history” – one must first know history.

Though a series of example including makers of history, what is history, China’s history, Prof. Pong emphasizes that you (the people sitting here in the theatre) are already making history, the Residential College System, as members of Colleges, those are the significant history of the higher education in Macau. He encourages College members to enjoy the life of College, as well as to contribute to the development of College.

After the lecture, the award ceremony of two scholarships under the name of Prof. David Pong which are The David and Barbara Pong Founding Master’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to College and The David Pong Founding Master’s Award for The Best Reflection Report are held. Eleven students / groups are awarded. 



  • “我們”– 你和我,人們;
  • “創造”– 進行某種活動,參與其中。並且此行為對我們的社區、社會,乃至世界有所影響。同時,對過去的事件,我們收集資料、調查考究、解析詮釋,陳述書寫出我們的發現。
  • “創造歷史”– 必須先瞭解歷史。

透過一系列的例子,包括歷史的創造者、甚麼是歷史,中國歷史等等,龐教授指出並強調:你們 (他指著滿席的觀眾) 正在創造歷史,澳門大學住宿式書院的成立、作為書院的院生,這些已經是被創造出來的歷史了。而且,這一切對澳門高等教育有著重要的歷史意義及影響。最後,龐教授鼓勵書院院生,積極參與書院活動,在書院建設上貢獻一分微力,同時亦要享受書院的社群生活。