At the night of 16th of October, UM students enjoyed a wonderful music performance which performed by 3 well known musicians: Prof. Xiang Gao, Dr. Vivian Cheng Wai and Ms. Cathy Yang Yue in the Theatre of Student Activity Centre. They was invited by the Master of Choi Kai Yau College, Prof. David Pong.


Prof. Xiang Gao is a Trustees Distinguished Professor of Music (Violin) of University of Delaware and became the tenure at 27 years old. He is a famous violin player and always perform around the world. Dr. Vivian Cheng Wai who is a notable pianist and obtained her Doctoral of Musical Arts from the New York State University at Stone Brook. Ms. Cathy Yang Yue is an Erhu performer and graduate from Central Conservatory of Music. She is an outstanding Erhu performer.


6ixwire Project is a group of performers which is organized by Prof. Gao and Ms. Yang. They always organize different kind of concerts with other orchestras and perform everywhere.

They also gave a 1 hour talk to UM students in talking about their experiences and feelings on the way of music on 15th October, 2015. There was more than hundreds students attended to the talk to meet the top musicians.


The concert was full of audience, included the Vice Rector (Research), Prof. Rui Martins, Dean of Students, Dr. Peter Yu, Director of Alumni and Development Office, Mr. Peng Chun Vong, Head of General Education Programme Implementation of CTLE, Mr. Teng Lam, the masters of colleges of UM, some college fellows and academic staffs.


The Master of CKYC, Prof. David Pong gave an opening remark and closing remark to welcome and thank you for all the performers, audiences and staffs.


The Concert is sponsored by Melco Crown Entertainment, Alumni and Development Office of UM, CTLE of UM, Rector’s Office (VRSA) of UM and Student Affaires Office of UM.


(Credited by Tomato Yeung, CKYC Student)