“Service” and “Learning” – CKY College Educational Trip to Taiwan

16 Choi Kai Yau College (CKYC) students and Resident Fellow completed a service learning tour in Taiwan from 17th to 21st December, 2017. This educational trip aimed at visiting National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to learn about its development and organization of service learning for students.


The CKYC students learnt about the concept of service, and practical skill of how to write the service learning proposal from NTNU students and tutors and attended lectures about counselling. In addition, the group also visited different local communities including Wan Hua (萬華區), Shunxingli (順興里) and Shilin (士林區) to meet with local people who shared their life stories through a way of living library.


The Community Manager of Shunxingli (順興里) shared her experience of planning and developing the community.


After the trip, students discovered different models in service learning and gained practical experiences in organizing activities of service learning nature to communities.


As CKYC has the mission in guiding our students to care our community, one of the tasks for the CKYC students after back from the educational trip is plan and carry on the social service projects here in Macau.


Two local residents from Wan Hua (萬華區) shared their life story with CKY College students.


Here, we would like to share with you some reflections from our students after the meaningful trip:


From Student Ada Guo:

“Unlike my previous understanding, the normal volunteer may not be a kind of service learning, because the core difference is whether the service giver also receive the valuable feedback. The whole service learning consists of four stages: preparation; service; reflection; congratulation.”


From Student Viola Miao:

“Before I went to Taiwan, I thought that service learning was just go out and help some people. However, as the teacher said, service learning is bidirectional. “Service” and “learning” were both significant. We need to find our problems in the service activities and reflect again and again. Only we make it can we know more about ourselves and society.”


From Student Lei Han:



From Student Sun Weixian:



CKYC students helped to paint the stones for community decoration


The egg shop has been operated by more than two generations. The current owner gave up his career and helps his father to manage the shop because he belongs to this shop, belongs to this community.