UM Undergraduate Freshmen should live in a Residential College during their first year of study. Upper-class students may apply to live in a Resident College.  Those who register for residential living during the First Semester undertake (or pledge) to reside in the College for the entire academic year. College Fees, however, are paid in two installments,  one in May and the other in November.

  Residential College Fee (2016/2017)

The Residential College Fee is applicable to all students living in Residential Colleges, including new intakes and returning students.

•  Payment and Refund Table (2016/2017)
Students pay Residential College Fees according to the period in which they moved in. They will be charged a Non-Refundable Fee if they move out in the same semester they moved in. However, students who moved in during the First Semester and continue to stay in the Residential College in the Second Semester are “Return Students” and are not subject to payment of the Non-Refundable Fee  (if they move out in the Second Semester). 
 1st & 2nd Semesters 2015/2016Payment per Semester Based on the Period they moved inRefund Policy to students move in & move out in the same SemesterRefund Policy to students move in during 1st Semester & move out 2nd Semester
1st Period

13 Aug to 16 Sep 2016 (S1)
9 Jan to 17 Feb 2017 (S2)

Full Payment3/4 of the *Refundable College Fee3/4 of the College Fee
2nd Period

17 Sep to 21 Oct 2016 (S1)
18 Feb to 17 Mar 2017 (S2)

3/4 of the College Fee1/2 of the *Refundable College Fee1/2 of the College Fee
3rd Period

22 Oct to 25 Nov 2016 (S1)
18 Mar to 21 Apr 2017 (S2)

1/2 of the College Fee1/4 of the *Refundable College Fee1/4 of the College Fee
4th Period

26 Nov 2016 to 8 Jan 2017 (S1)
22 Apr to 31 May 2017 (S2)

Payment based on the nights of residenceNo RefundNo Refund


College Fee per Semester (MOP)Non-Refundable College Fee  (MOP)Refundable College Fee (MOP)
Non Local11,1503,4007,750
Exchange Students13,2503,400


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