• CKYC Advisory Council, Fellows and Affiliates

    Advisory Council, Fellows, and Affiliates come mainly from the University’s teaching staff but some also from the administration. They generously donate their time and talents to enrich the lives of our students. College students are encouraged to contact Fellows and Affiliates to arrange meetings, meals, and activities in the College. Choi Kai Yau College has  2 Advisory Council members, 20 Fellows and 27 Affiliates respectively.

Advisory Council

Prof. Jacky So

Prof. Jacky Yuk-chow So, is Dean and Chair Professor, Faculty of Business Administration. He is also Co-Director of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management. Before moving to Macau in 2010, Prof. So was the Dean and Distinguished Professor of International Finance at Texas A&M International University. He is also the executive director of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance. He taught many years and served as chair of the Economics and Finance Department at the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. He earned his Ph.D. degree from the Ohio State University. Prof. So was a consultant for many corporations and law firms. He was a visiting scholar and/or consultant of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, Office of the Small Business Administration (SBA), Washington D.C., etc. He also sits on the editorial board of many professional journals, including the Global Finance Journal, Journal of International Business, and the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance.

Prof. So’s research interests are international finance, banking, corporate finance, and risk management. In 2014, Prof. So was visiting scholar in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Asia and Pacific Department and received the Education Leadership Award from the Asia’s Best
B-School Awards 2014 held in Singapore. Prof. So is the first from Macao to receive this award.

Prof. Timothy Alan SIMPSON

Prof. Timothy Simpson is Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. He teaches classes about Intercultural Communication for the department and for the Honor’s College. His research is focused primarily on understanding contemporary Macau, and the significance of Chinese tourism, gambling, and consumption practices for the post-socialist development of the PRC.


Prof. Xin CHEN

Prof. Xin Chen obtained a Ph.D. degree in Chinese medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (China), and a Ph.D. degree in Immunology from Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands). He began his post doctoral training at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth, UK. In 1999 he was appointed Visiting Fellow at the Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation, National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Frederick, NIH, USA, where he became a Scientist II in 2001 and a Senior Scientist in 2011. Since 2004, Prof. Chen has been a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Maryland, USA. He then joined the University of Macau in 2014 as a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences. Currently, in the academic year 2015-2016, he is also a Research Collaborator assigned by NCI, NIH, USA.

Prof. Cheris CHOW

Prof. Cheris Chow is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Marketing at University of Macau. Her research interests encompass consumer behavior, advertising management, and services marketing. She published papers in leading business and marketing journals. Cheris has also been active in attending academic conferences around the world. Her work has been recognized by the Best Paper Award in various conferences such as 2010 Summer Educators’ Conference (US), 2011 Annual Conference of China Marketing Science (China), etc. In addition, Cheris has a passion for participating in student activities and providing services with her profession. She has been actively involved in Faculty Mentorship Programme, serving as judge for “Macao Local Brands Video Ad Production Workshop and Competition”, coaching students in Asian Business Case Competition, and being an invited guest speaker for          seminar in Macau or business conference in China.

Prof. Matthew Ian GIBSON

Prof. Matthew Gibson hails from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. He joined the University of Macau in 2012 as an Associate Professor of English Literature. After completing his PH.D in 1994 at the Royal Holloway College, University of London, he taught at universities in Poland and Bulgaria for some years before returning to work in Britain at various institutions, including the University of Surrey and the University of Hull, where he worked for the MA in Translation Studies. Prof. Gibson’s main research areas are W.B. Yeats and philosophy, Modernism, the nineteenth century European Gothic and Fantastic literature, Bulgarian Book History and Literary Theory. Given his broad interests, he is an fascinating person to chat with!

Prof. Xinhua GU

Prof. Xinhua Gu is Associate Professor in Business Economics in the Faculty of Business Administration. Educated in Nanjing University and the University of Toronto, he has also taught in both these universities before coming to UM. His research interests range from international economics to financial and development economics as well as tourism economics. A concerned scholar, he has paid considerable attention to the economic development of Macau, especially the relationship between the gaming industry and the economic health of this Special Administrative Region. Prof. Gu teaches a broad array of courses on banking and economics (macro and micro) for our undergraduates. He currently serves as the Head of Department of Finance and Business Economics.

Prof. Henry KWOK

Prof. Henry Kwok Hang Fai is an associate professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences University of Macau. His research interests are mainly in the areas of natural drug discovery including venom-based peptide/protein and antibody therapy for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Prof. Kwok was born and raised in Hong Kong, and moved to UK for his study and work for 16 years. Before joining the University of Macau, he was a senior research fellow in the Department of Oncology/CRUK Cambridge Institute at the University of Cambridge. During his time in Cambridge, he involved in organizing the University’s College activities. In the last few years with CKYC, Prof. Kwok helped to organize student activities such as the local pharmaceutical company visit and the biomedical science research laboratory tour etc. He also involved in the Welcome Dinner for Freshmen, High Table Dinner at CKYC, and delivered a health science talk/seminar during the CKYC Master Dinner.  

Prof. Elvis MAK

An Associate Professor of FST-ECE and the Associate Director (Research) of the State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI, Prof. Mak’s research interests are on analog and RF circuits and systems for wireless, biomedical and physical chemistry applications. He is currently the Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society; Editorial Board Member of IEEE Press; Senior Editor of IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems and Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I.

Prof. Ken TAM

Prof. Ken Tam is a specialist in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Born, raised, and educated in Macau, Prof. Tam has taught and conducted research at UM for 20 years. In 2015, he became the first Macau person to have been elected Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology in the United Kingdom. A world-renowned expert in wireless communication, with specialization in research in microwave filter miniaturization, he has trained many research professionals. His research has also benefited the public in many ways. He is also very interested in the popularization of science and actively engages in reaching out to young people. Prof. Tam currently serves as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in his Faculty.

Prof. Garry WONG

Prof. Garry Wong is a professor and group leader at the Faculty of Health Sciences since August 2014. His research interests lie in the areas of neurodegeneration, molecular toxicology, and bioinformatics, including investigating the effects of aging on biological processes. He uses the round worm Caenorhabditis elegans extensively in his studies. Born in Canada, Prof. Wong grew up in Sacramento, California, U.S.A. and attended the University of California, Davis and North Carolina State University, where he earned his doctorate. Following his post-doctoral work at the National Institutes of Health, U.S.A. he moved to Finland, where he was a researcher and scientist for 20 years, during which he reached the rank of Professor. In his overall career, he has published over 100 scientific papers. Prof. Wong likes to jog, play basketball, attend concerts, and visit restaurants.

Prof. Yicong ZHOU

Prof. Yicong ZHOU holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. degree from Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA, after earning his B.S. degree from Hunan University, Changsha, China. An Assistant Professor in Computer and Information Science his current research interests focus on multimedia security, image/signal processing and pattern recognition. Dr. Zhou is a third place winner of the Macau Natural Science Award in 2014, and is a senior member of IEEE as well as a member of SPIE and ACM. Dr. Zhou loves helping students in many aspects, including but not limited to developing their academic, personal, and social skills. Please visit his homepage at http://www.fst.umac.mo/en/staff/fstycz.html

Dr. Javier Calero CUERVO

Dr Javier Calero Cuervo is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Department of Management & Marketing of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA). He completed his PhD from the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he also earned his MSc in Real Estate. He teaches courses on Global Business Environment, Management of Foreign Affiliates, and Principles of Business Management. He was an active Coordinator of the International Business (IB) major in FBA – now re-branded as the Global Business Management (GBM) major. He is also an active Mentor of the university’s Mentorship Program and has always been actively involved with youth activities directed toward whole personal development. His research interest concerns international business and strategic management of the real estate and construction sectors. He is currently doing research on the topic of “Are Sports’ Experiences in Youth associated with Manager’s Performance?”

Dr. Timothy KERSWELL

Dr. Timothy Kerswell is Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and Public Administration. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and Political Economy (Queensland University of Technology,Australia), a Master of Arts in Political and International Studies (University of New England, Australia), and a Bachelor of Social Science, Hons., in Political Science and History (Queensland University of Technology, Australia). His research interests include the political economy of the global division of labour, international class structure, labour and migration policy, trade unionism, and Marxist political thought. Dr. Kerswell has previously worked for Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship on labour market policy, and for the trade union United Voice as a researcher. His articles have been published in Monthly Review, Social Change, and Theory in Action. Outside of academia, Dr. Kerswell is an avid fan of football, eSports (Dota 2), combat sports (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and professional wrestling (WWE). He has played in, managed, and coached numerous football/futsal teams in Australia. Dr. Kerswell regularly visits India and is particularly interested in developing exchanges and understanding between India and China. He loves coffee, and is extremely adventurous when it comes to trying new food.

Dr. Michael LI

Dr. Li is a dancer, an educator, and a researcher. He has performed with numerous dance companies including the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, and the Hamburg Ballet in Germany. He has taught at such institutions and professional dance companies as Beijing Dance Academy, Tokyo Arts Center, York University, the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Taipei National University of the Arts. He frequently holds workshops and master classes at schools, teacher training venues, as well as international conferences. He is the chair of Education Network–North America for the World Dance Alliance. His research ranges from dance pedagogy, teacher/curriculum development, cross-cultural studies, gender and masculinity, to technology in dance. Currently, he serves on the Faculty of Education, while directing the newly established University of Macau Dance Troupe.

Dr. Roberval Teixeira e SILVA

Dr. TEIXEIRA E SILVA is Assistant Professor and Researcher in the Department of Portuguese, specializing in Portuguese as a second language to deaf people and in gender studies under the approach of Interactional Sociolinguistics. His research interests are related to sociointeractional approach to discourse, through which he develops studies i) in discursive construction of identities (gender, ethnic, diasporic) and ii) in intercultural interactions in institutional and non-institutional contexts. He is lately dedicated to i) studies of identities in migration contexts, ii) projectsinvolving the Portuguese language in the world, and iii) investigations of Portuguese classroom interactions (foreign language, second language, host language, heritage language), especially focused on training teachers for young learners. Working with languages and culture I discovered many other ways to express ourselves. Therefore, cinema, theatre, music, photography, culinary, sports for example became main interests in my personal and professional life. The Portuguese Speaking Countries are the scenery to all these languages… New experiences are coming!!

Dr. Chris WONG

Dr. Chris Wong is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau. He is also serving as the Director of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Core at the faculty. Dr. Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong and received a Diploma in Biotechnology in Singapore and a first class Honours (BSc) and a PhD degrees in Genetics in Australia. Before joining UM, Dr. Wong spent six years as a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School in U.S.A. His longstanding research interest is to understand when and how genes are turned on and off. He is currently studying this topic on a number of medically and industrially important fungi.

Dr. Jing ZHANG

Deputy Director of Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre. Subject Convenor of Portuguese Language Courses and Senior Instructor of Department of Portuguese (FAH). PhD in Portuguese Linguistics at University of Macau, with research interests in the area of L2 acquisition, teaching Portuguese as a foreign language and linguistic aspects of translation. The project portfolio includes research involved in L2 sintaxe acquisition, L2 corpus construction, evaluation of Portuguese courses, etc. She has joined the University of Macau in 2003 and has more than 14 year of teaching experience in the Department of Portuguese. As she has studied Portuguese language at University of Coimbra (Portugal) for three years and also likes traveling and knowing about different cultures, she often shares her own experience of studying abroad with the students, and organize cultural talks, visits, short journeys in order to help students to improve Portuguese language skills and deepen understanding of Portuguese culture.

Dr. Jing ZHAO

ZHAO Jing, Assistant professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)/State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, obtained her Ph. D. degree in Pharmacognosy from China Pharmaceutical University. A winner of 2 international honors and 5 national honors, she is also PI/co-PI in 10 major research grants. At present, Dr. Zhao focuses on the standardization and economic evaluation of Chinese medicines resources. A reviewer for 15 SCI top journals in pharmaceutical analysis areas, Dr. Zhao has published more than 80 papers, including 60 SCI papers, 3 books, and holds 4 invention patents.

Ms. Alice LEE

Ms. Alice Lee, senior instructor in the English Language Centre (ELC), has been teaching in the University of Macau since 2004. She first came to Macao as an English Language Fellow, a program sponsored by the United States Department of State. In the ELC, Ms. Lee has held a number of administrative positions, including writing center coordinator, head teacher, subject convener, and associate director. In addition, she has spent two summers training in-service English language instructors in Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia. Ms. Lee has presented at various international conferences, including AAAL, TESOL International, SSLW, ETA-ROC, among others. Her research interests include second language writing, identity, and writing centers. Ms. Lee enjoys traveling. The Middle East, Asia (Southeast, South, and East), and Africa (Eastern and Southern) are among the places she has visited.

Mr. Kou Pan LEI

Mr. Kou Pan Lei have five years of football teaching experience. He has directed special athletes and young students in the Macau Football League of second-division to win the championship. He is the coach of CKYC football team now. Mr. Lei expects CKYC students will be able to show the desire and dedication to victory in the game. Learn about unity, responsibility and persistence in training. He also expects to lead the CKYC football team to create good results.

Mr. Vince LI

Vince holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from University of Macau and a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of York, UK. Before joining the English Language Centre, he taught English to children both in Macau and Mainland China. Currently he teaches English courses to university students and conducts various English-related activities and workshops. Mr. Li enjoys sharing with students his experience living abroad and his many hobbies, among which are sports, cooking, and photography. He looks forward to meeting students in Choi Kai Yau College.

Mr. Raymond LIO

Mr. Raymond Lio is a climber, a debater and an educator. He has been climbing for over 10 years and has been teaching sport climbing since 2006. He was a Team Macau climber and participated in the 1st Asian Indoors Games 2005 in Thailand. He enjoys both indoor and outdoor climbing. He has climbed in some of the world’s best outdoor natural climbing sites including those in Illinois, Yangshuo, Chiang Mai, Krabi and Long Dong. He has been leading the UM Rock Climbing Team since 2007 and has guided the team to win numerous awards, including a national championship in 2009. He also loves English Debates and was the champion in the Canton IV in 2012. He has been teaching debate since 2010 and has organised numerous debating competitions and workshops, and has participated in the World, Austral-Asian and Asian Championships as adjudicator in numerous occasions. Currently, he serves on the Office of Sports Affairs, the University of Macau (UM) while coaching the UM Rock Climbing Team.