Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Choi Kai Yau College!

As a University of Macau student, you are also a member of a Residential College.  Choi Kai Yau College (CKYC) welcomes you.  As you become more familiar with us and with your College surroundings, you will find that CKYC is a warm and friendly place.  This is because we care.  We care about your well-being.  We want to provide you with a comfortable place to study, to rest, to take a break from the hurly-burly of campus life, and to pursue your dreams.  We also want to provide you with a place where you can reach out to other people, to help them, as well as to find help whenever you need it.  But above all, we want to give you the environment in which you can enrich your life and intellect, to complement what you learn in the classroom, to grow as an individual, to learn to live and work with the people around you, and thus to discover yourself, and to become a whole person.  In short, we want to better prepare you for the future – not just for a job or career, but for life.  Therefore, we also want you to enjoy the arts, cultural events, to cultivate a taste for them and, indeed, to hunger for them.  Above all, we want you to become a life-long learner, to be always on the go for knowledge, for better analytical and communicative skills, for the celebration of life.

Living in close quarters with nearly 500 people requires a lot of give and take.  People like givers, because they give!  But, alas, they are often in short supply!  People do not much like takers.  But, alas, there are far too many of them!  To help you thrive in our College, to give as well as to take, we have prepared for you this Handbook.  It provides you with the basic facts about the College, how is it run, where to get things done, to get help or advice, how you can contribute to the life of CKYC, to be a good citizen, and so forth.  Please, therefore, read this Handbook carefully.  Keep it handy, and refer to it often.  You will find life in CKYC easier and happier because of it.

A Residential College is a living-learning place; CKYC is no exception.  We do have our own strengths and characteristics, however.  Apart from being a caring place, we also want to nurture you to become a better citizen with global awareness. We challenge you to think critically and analytically, and to put your good thoughts into action to better serve Macau and the world as you make your voyage from College and University to the larger society.  Our motto, therefore, is “Dare to Think; Care to Act”!  I can promise you that your time in CKYC will be a significant part of your life, enjoyable and memorable.