On 20th September, Choi Kai Yau College invited Prof. Mao Haijian, who is a world renowned historian and has been appointed the Distinguished Professor in History at University of Macau, to deliver a talk of “1759, The James Flint Incident and Macau’s New Fortunes”. Prof. Mao specializes in modern Chinese history, particularly in researches of Opium War and Hundred Day’s Reform. He has also attained outstanding achievements in the academic field.

Prof. Mao specially selected The James Flint Incident as the topic to share with our students because it was a symbolic change of Macao from ancient times to present. It was an incident that touched off a war between Qing Dynasty and foreign courtiers. Macau was then inherited to reposition herself and to revive from the economic depression. Businessmen, sailors, missionaries, politicians and soldiers all over the world considered Macau was the first step to China. Macau became the Oriental Monte Carlo gradually.

Over 50 UMacau members joined the event. After the lecture, Prof. Mao and students had a further discussion about Macau’s history and development. Prof. Mao also encouraged students to concern more about the external factors which might bring a huge opportunities to Macau.


蔡繼有書院有幸邀請國際知名歷史學家、澳門大學歷史系特聘教授 — 茅海建教授,於九月二十日蒞臨本書院為澳大師生就 「1759年洪仁輝事件與澳門的角色」舉行講座及茶聚活動。茅教授主要研究中國近代史,尤其在兩次鴉片戰爭和戊戍變法史的研究,更取得了學術界崇高的地位。