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Nowadays, people always talking about environmental protection. Prof. Kiresten Muenchinger was invited by Choi Kai Yau College to give a talk in CKYC with the topic: “Perceptions of Materials: Why Don’t We Like Plastic Products?” which mainly talked about the usage of plastic products.

Prof. Kiresten Muenchinger is an Associate Professor and the founding Director of the Product Design Program at the University of Oregon, she also received The Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) Young Educator of the Year in 2011, and one of the Design Intelligence 30 Most Admired Educators for 2015. 

Prof. Kiersten Muenchinger introduced different types of plastic products, she also explained which types of plastic can be degraded. Through Prof. Muenchinger’s explanation, students have a better understanding about how users buy and manufacturers make plastic products, as well as the interactions between users and manufacturers.

Many CKYC members joined the talk and discussion, they also shared their ideas about the topic.

現今社會中,經常提及環保的議題。Kiresten Muenchinger教授教授獲邀於4月14日在蔡繼有書院進行主題為 “物質的感知:為什麼我們不喜歡塑膠產品的講座,探討了有關塑膠產品使用的議題。

Kiresten Muenchinger教授是俄勒岡大學產品設計系的副教授及創始總監,美國工業設計師協會(IDSA)的2011年度最佳青年教育家,以及獲得Design Intelligence 2015年度最受人欽佩的教育家

Kiresten Muenchinger教授介紹了不同的塑膠物品,她亦講解了哪些塑膠可降解並能循環再用及減少環境污染。透過Kiresten Muenchinger教授的詳細講解,讓同學們對使用者應如何購買及使用塑膠,製造商如何製造塑膠以及製造商與使用者之間的關係有更深入的認識。