Pancake, pancake, everywhere! Feb 28, 2017 was Pancake Tuesday, a festival celebrated in many parts of the world. Nearly 30 CKYC Collegians, including the 3-year old genius Hinter, gathered at the Master’s apartment, frying pancakes! Many learned how to do the pancake mix and fry the pancakes for the first time. It happened to be Shuvoraj’s birthday, so we spontaneously broke out into a “Happy Birthday” song for him. Then someone made a mistake by asking why “Pancake Tuesday”. This gave Prof. Pong the excuse to give a mini lecture on Mardi Gras (variously known as Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday), its relationship to Easter, Lent, Ash Wednesday, and all that! Many did not realize that they had been unwittingly introduced to a secularized religious festival! Never mind, a good time was had by all – a Canadian, an Aussie, a couple of Americans, HongKong’ers , 3 Japanese, 2 Bangladeshis, many Mainlanders and Macau local. Now, after all the fat stuff have been consumed, the fast begins with Lent (when daylight begins to lengthen, which is “lent” in old English).


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