Application for Resident Tutor in UM’s Residential Colleges Academic Year 2016-17

Energetic and enthusiastic applicants are being sought for student Leaders in our Residential Colleges as Graduate Resident Tutors.

 All appointed RTs must undergo training which will be held for three-four days commencing early August.  This is prior to the commencement of the new academic year and will assist those appointed to carry out their duties and prepare for the incoming college members.  Attendance at that training is an obligatory requirement for the position. Inability to attend for any reason will result in the withdrawal of the offer for the position.

 Graduate Resident Tutors (RT)

The position of RT is a key one in the UM Residential College System.  The RT has the duty of providing pastoral care to undergraduate students on his/her floor, to assist in the delivery of college experiential and academic programs, and to contribute to the culture and aims of the whole college.  Each RT is also expected to organize floor activities and to attend college functions and events. They should be known by all college members. The total number of service hours amounts to about 10 hours each week.  In return for services rendered, the RT will be provided with a single room in the college without charge.  They will have to contribute to a mandatory meal plan, details of which will be provided.  All postgraduate students who can commit for the whole academic year are invited to apply.

 All postgraduate students are eligible to apply.

 Information session for those interested in the positions will be held as follows:


Session A

Date:          Mar 17, 2016 (Thu)

Venue:         Postgraduate House/ S3-G009

Time:           15:30-17:00


Session B

Date:          Mar 24, 2016 (Thu)

Venue:         Postgraduate House/ S3-G009

Time:           15:30-17:00


Applications must be submitted on line.  Applications close on Mar 28, 2016.  Interviews will be in April 2016.

 Please note that the RT position is rewarding but time consuming so you should take that into account before applying. RT appointees will have to have the approval of their major supervisor to take up the position.

 More comprehensive job descriptions and more specific details will be provided at the information sessions. While attendance at the information session is not compulsory it would be highly advantageous to do so at the formal interview.

 Should you have any query, please contact 8822 9621/ 8822 9618

 UM Residential College