Dear CKYC Students,

We are pleased to introduce you Shasta Leong, the new College Social Worker. She will work part-timely in our college this semester.

Shasta has been working with families, youths and disabled children, also has previous experience working in other universities in Macau for several years. She is a good listener and good at using card tools and expressive art to express your doubts and ease them. She could provide a range of services such as counselling, stress management, conflict resolution, personal development, career planning and resource referral services, etc.

Shasta will work at 5-8 pm every Tuesday night and 1-4 pm every Wednesday afternoon in CKYC. And her office is located at G010. Please scan the below QR code to make appointment with her. She will also organize workshops and activities in CKYC related to wide ranges of your concerned topics, such as personal relations, stress management, and career planning etc.

Should you have any enquiries, please email to


Yaning Qi, PhD

Residential Fellow
Choi Kai Yau College
University of Macau