• House Association

President – Bertha, Chan Ka Hang

Hello everyone I am Bertha, the President of CKYC HA this year. I am year 3 student of the International Integrated Resort Management. Reading and enjoy the delicacy is my hobby. After the 2 years living in CKYC, all of the members have contributed their own strength to make CKYC better. And now is my turn to help CKYC become better. In this year, we will listen what you want, do what you need’聽你所需的 做你所要的’ to help CKYC become the best CKYC in the University

Deputy President – Helen, Kuok Hoiman

I am a year 3 student. My major is  International Integrated Resort Management ;Enjoys in traveling , musics, movies and living in CKYC. Hope to improve college facilities and build better CKYC.

Secretary – Alex, Leong Chong Hang

I’m a year 3 student, major in economic. I like watching anime, playing mobile game and playing ping-pong sometimes.As a member, also the HA of CKYC, I hope we can build a good relationship between each member in CKYC and make CKYC a big family.

Minister of social activities working group– Savannah, Cheang Choi Kei

I am from activity department, which is responsible for the activities in CKYC. We aim to provide more exciting activities for all residents in CKYC. Moreover, we intend to encourage all the residents to attend our interesting activities actively and sustainably. We hope everyone can have a wonderful college life.

Deputy minister of social activities working group– Wendy, Fan Wen Wen

Hello guys,my name is Wendy and I’m delighted to meet you here. I have lots of hobbies such as swimming,table tennis,badminton,ect.Watching movie is my best love.If you have the same hobbies with me,welcome to contact me.In addition,if you have any promblems in study and life,I’m glad to be inquired.Wish you would have a woderful time during the following days.

Minister of Sports working group –Wilson, Iong Ka Chon

Hello! My name is Wilson iong. I was born on 1998. I am 19 years old. I study in Faculty of Education. My hobby is reading and running. In my leisure time, I always go to stadium with my classmates playing soccer .Moreover I am quite reserved but I value friendship. Therefore, I’ve got many close friends.

Deputy minister of sports working group– Nigo, Zeng Chao Qun

Hello I am Oswald. Year2 student. I am studying Japanese in FAH.I am glad to join in CKYC HA team. I will hold some good activity.And I will try my best to make CKYC become better.

Minister of art and culture working group– Abby, Lei Kan Mei

My name is Abby Lei Kan Mei, from Macau. I’m a year two student in Business Administration. Acting as minister of Art and Culture department this year.I am interested in Photography. I like to photograph ordinary things and see how they are transformed into something extraordinary through my camera lens. Also I’m good at painting. I would actively arrange in CKYC activities and make students enjoy their college life. However, I know it’s hard, but I will try my best.

Minister of community and social service working group – Kayla, Ao Ieong Iok I

Hello everyone, my name is Kayla. I am the minister of the community and social service working group. I am a year 2 student in FSS. My major subject is Government and Public Administration. My interests are playing badminton, watching movies and traveling. I hope to provide more interesting activities for everyone. In addition, we encourage all students to actively participate in our activities. We hope that everyone can have a good college life.

Minister of Community and social service working group – Simon, Tam Man Lok

My name is Tam Man Lok.I am the minister of community and social services working group . I am a year 3 student in FBA. And my major subject is business economic. I’m interested in surfing the net ,readig books,playing badminton and so on. And I also enjoy to do some volunteer services. I will try to create more volunteer activities this year. And I hope that our college student can have more opportunities to do volunteer service.