• CKYC House Association & Working Group

The House Association (HA) organizes activities and gives students a major voice in the running of their College. Each member of the College is automatically part of the House Association. The HA is, therefore, along with the professional administration team of the College, extremely important in the establishment of a lively, varied and happy community which is rewarding for all student members.

The HA is the leading student governance body, all of whom are elected by students through an annual election. Any current College members may be nominated for these important leadership positions.

The HA also has five Working Groups (WGs), i.e. Sports, Arts & Culture, Social Activities, Community and Social Service, Communication and Outreach (respectively headed by nominated chairs), as well as various student clubs aiming to cater for students’ diverse interests. In addition to its Chair(s), each WG involves other College members. Students can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of a Working Group. Alternatively the WG may enlist on request students to help organize specific events. The number of students involved is determined by the scope and type of activity organized by the WG.

The HA Executives and its Working Groups are responsible for coordinating events and activities for the whole College and their specialized areas, and represent CKYC students’ voice. Advice may be sought from the College Master, Associate Master/Chief of Students, Fellows, Resident Fellows and/or administrative staff where appropriate to help the HA and WGs plan and organize events and activities.

Organization Chart of CKYC House Association


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