To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of University of Macau, a series of exhibition about the University are being held at the lobby of E31, Student Activity Center. CKYC is responsible for the exhibition of the 3rd Rector of University of Macau, Prof. Li Tianqing. Exhibition commences on Jun 25 and will end on July 25, 2016.

In order to understand more about Prof. Li, Prof. David Pong, the Master of Choi Kai Yau College, and four CKYC students met with Prof. Li Tianqing. Prof. Li shared his insights on education with the students and recalled with relish his accomplishments and triumphs as well as the challenges and difficulties that confronted him in his educational reforms. Under the instruction of Prof. Pong, our student – Lijin, completed the research about Prof. Li.

The exhibition includes 4 sections to deliver the remarkable accomplishments of Prof. Li, which are  “Introduction”, “Reform”, “Further Contributions”, and “Photos”. The trophy given by the University of Macau to Prof. Li in 1994 as an award of his contributions and retirement is also displayed in the exhibition.