Student in CKYC are divided into two broad categories:

  • Freshmen (Year 1), they are required to stay in RCs in their first academic year.  They cannot move out unless under exceptional circumstances. 
  • The Upper Class Students (Year Two and above), they have the option to / not to live in RCs.  

When Upper Class Students applied to live in RCs in the academic year of 2014/2015, they did so for the full academic year in accordance with UM’s E-bulletin of “Residential College Application in Academic Year 2014/2015” [Ref. ECHN-9HA5NK] posted on 17 March 2014.

This being the case, it will be the RC Students’ initiatives to make requests to the relevant RCs to move out.  If they move in RCs in the firstsemester and move out during the same semester; Non-Refundable Fee (Local Student: MOP2,000; Non-Local Student: MOP3,000) will be charged.  However, in the case of continuing students (RC Students who move in RCs in the first semester), if they move out in the second semester (after January 5, 2015), the non-refundable fee does not apply.  But they have to pay for the period in which they stayed in the RCs after January 5 (see below table):  

Move out PeriodCollege Fees Refund of College Fees
 January 5-30 25%75%
January 31-February 2750%50%
February 28-March 2475%25%
March 25-May 29100%0%

(*Note: For RC Students who move in the RCs in the second semester (therefore, non-continuing students) are subject to the non-refundable fee if they move out before the end of the semester).

As all students have applied to stay in RCs for the entire academic year, UM automatically sent them debit notes in early January 2015.  But if Upper Class Students opt to move out of the RCs, they can do so after securing permission from their respective Masters or their deputies.  The RC staff will then facilitate the cancellation of the debit notes by Finance Office (FO) and new ones will be issued according to the above schedule.

 The College fee for Academic year 2014/2015 (MOP12,500 per year for Locals, and MOP 20,000 per year for Non-Locals) has never been changed since the beginning of the Academic year. (**Please be noted that this rule does not apply to exchange students but to the regular UM students)