The broadcasting program, CKYC ON AIR, has its first broadcast on Sept 12, 2018 at the dining hall of Choi Kai Yau College! We have Kayla and Jack being the DJ at this first broadcast and both of them bring along the refresh lunch break to students by discussing an interesting topic: Sleeping Habit. Jack introduces a book to audience and which is called “The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose” written by Robert Pagliarini while Kayla also elaborates what “Morning Person”  and “Cre8tor” are, what’s the relationship in between, as well as the advantages of being “Morning Person” and ‘Cre8tor”.

CKYC ON AIR allow audiences to request songs in advance via WeChat group of CKYC! We receives lot of messages and enquiries this time and the first 5 audiences’ requests are selected.

Come and join us on each Wednesday 13:00 – 14:00 at W12 CKYC Dining Hall, We are CKYC ON AIR!

CKYC ON AIR 廣播節目於2018年9月12日在蔡繼有書院餐廳粉墨登場!我們的主播Kayla 和Jack為書院的同學們帶來了一個清新的午休時間,當天的主題是:睡覺的習慣。在廣播中,Jack為大家介紹了一本指點成功的書《下班後的黃金8小時》作者是羅伯‧帕格利瑞尼。另外,Kayla也跟大家詳細地闡述了何謂“晨型人”、何謂“創八者”,兩者之間的關係以及成為“晨型人”和“創八者”的益處。

除了主題討論以外,CKYC ON AIR也開設了點歌留言環節,讓同學在廣播時間以前通過微信群點歌及留言,是此的主播從芸芸點播中選取了最前的五則留言和歌曲在廣播時段內播放。

我們期待與你共聚每個星期三的午休,從下午一點到兩點,在蔡繼有書院餐廳,我們是CKYC ON AIR!