CKYC Notice to Y1 Students: Briefing Session of CKYC Programs and Activities survey on Aug 27, 2018 (21:30-22:30) at CKYC G024

蔡繼有書院致一年級生通告:關於書院內指導計劃、興趣學會、院生會及體育課活動問卷填報講解會 2018年8月27日, 21:30-22:30 於蔡繼有書院學人廳 G024

Dear all Choi Kai Yau College Year One Students,

A briefing session was arranged on 17th August afternoon to conduct the survey on students’ participation of activities in mentoring, interest group, House Association and the sport program in college to all the Year One students. Number of students were recognized of absence in the briefing session. The college decides to arrange an extra briefing session on 27th August evening from 21:30 to 22:30 at G024 W12. Those who are absent on the briefing session arranged in 17th August afternoon must attend the meeting.


Choi Kai Yau College


八月十七日下午在最後一節新生迎新活動中同學就書院內指導計劃、興趣學會、院生會及體育課活動進行問卷填報,經點算後約 30 多位同學缺席當日下午的講解環節,為此書院將在 八月二十七日星期一晚上 21:30 – 22:30 假 W12 G024 室多舉行一次問卷填報活動,敬請缺席八月十七 日下午問卷填報講解會的同學務必出席。