Dear CKYC Students,

Greetings from Choi Kai Yau College ! We are now seeking for qualified candidates to replenish the position of 2018/2019 Resident Assistants, kindly find the below details for your information:

Eligible Applicants: Raising Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 CKYC Students
2. Application Period: 6 – 20 April, 2018
3. Application Method:  Please Click Here or Scan the QR Code

*** Please ensure your information is complete and accurate before submission. After submission, no change is permitted.
*** This form serves as application only, there is no guaranteed success.
*** CKYC has reserved the right of final decision.

4. RA Job Description: Please find below the CKYC RA Job Despcription

5. Schedule:

On-line Application Period 6 – 20 April, 2018
Interviews Schedule End of April 2018 (Tentatively)
Result Announcement End of April 2018 (Tentatively)

For any enquires, please contact us via email: Thank you for your kind attention!

Choi Kai Yau College

University of Macau





  1. 合資格的申請人:升大二、大三、大四的蔡繼有書院院生
  2. 接受申請時間:2018年4月6日至 20日
  3. 申請方法:按我報名 或掃描右側二維碼


*** 請在提交申請表格前確保你的資料是輸入正確的。在提交申請表格後,恕不接受任何更改。

*** 此表格只作書院申請之用

*** 蔡繼有書院將保留最終決定權。

  1. 書院小助理工作內容:詳情請參閱以下內容
  2. 時間表:
申請時間 201846日至20
面試時間 20184下旬(暫定)
結果公佈 20184月下旬(暫定)




CKYC Resident Assistant (Floor Leader):  Job Description 2018-19  

Resident Assistants take responsibility for a number of residents under their care who reside in a particular section of the college. RAs are expected to be highly visible in the College, attending a variety of functions with a good heart. RAs are also required to meet regularly with the students assigned to them, making use of the Dining Hall for social meals, organizing floor activities and gatherings and to assist in college activities and administration duties, as needed.  They will be awarded 50% reduction of the college fee.  They must therefore be accountable in the position, supporting the aims of the CKYC tripod (“Dare to Think; Care to Act”, Global Citizenship, and the Caring Community) and the educational goals of the UM RC system (the five Competencies and peer education). All RC students will have to meet certain levels of participation in order to successfully complete a college and university requirement.  RAs will play a key role in providing activities which fulfill those requirements in   experiential and peer learning and in developing the sense of community spirit on their floor.


Core Job Responsibilities:


  • Provide support and pastoral care to approximately 25 – 35 students living on the floor.


  • Organize at least two educational floor activity each semester. Co-organize 1 cross floor competition each semester with other floor leaders or house association members. The floor competition should involve a group of residents on each floor and build the strong sense of belongings for each floor. All activities must be planned in advance and approved by the College administration. RAs will provide accurate attendance records of the activity and support all students in creating required e-portfolio reports.


  • Arrange to eat two meals per semester with each student in one’s floor group in the Dining Hall, either individually or in small groups.


  • Participate in or help organize a College club in a personal interest area. RAs are expected to collaborate with and report to the House Association on the operations of the club.


  • Attend regular floor leader meetings as required. Attendance is obligatory.


  • Monthly common areas spot check in his/her section, and check levels of cleanliness, fire equipment, common furnishings and fittings on each floor, and immediately report malfunctions to the College General Office or Security.


  • For public safety reasons, all RAs are required to report absences from the College to the staff. RAs may spend no more than 5 days away from the College each semester when classes are in session and must receive advance approval for extended absences.


  • Along with RTs, help keep order and compliance of rules on the assigned floor. RAs will help the College educate students about the rules governing life on the floor, including quiet hours, appropriate cooking, use of laundry and drying facilities, suspected smoking, and unapproved appliances in the room.  RAs and RTs will intervene appropriately by being firm and polite, or contact the College staff or security guard when there is suspicion or evidence of rules having been violated on the floor.  RAs and RTs will be present to provide leadership during emergency situations and building evacuations, including fire drills.


  • Be available full time during August 3-21, 2018 for leadership training and freshmen Orientations. Participate with a good heart in all trainings, preparations, and implementations of all orientation events and activities.


  • Encourage students on the floor to participate more actively in College life. All RAs, moreover, should set an example by attending a minimum of one College activity per month themselves and encouraging floor members to join in. RAs are expected to attend all High Table Dinners, or other College-wide events.


RTs will report monthly to the College administration on their job performance.  RTs will undergo a formal performance evaluation in November 2018 before being officially re-appointed for the Spring 2019 semester.