Macau is a special city with an unusual role in politics and history. The University of Macau is a center for studying Macau from many perspectives, including political, economic and social developmental.

Prof. Hao Zhidong is a Professor of Sociology in the University of Macau. One of his many scholarly interest is the study of political environment of Macau. In addition, he also pays a lot of attention to the relationship between among Macau and regions around it- Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

At the invitation of Prof. Pong, the Master of Choi Kai Yau College, Prof. Hao give a talk with title “Macau History and Society in Pictures” in the Master’s Tea series on 20th of October in the evening.

To begin, Prof. Hao briefly introduced the history of Macau in both the Chinese and the Portuguese Colonial Period. Then he goes deeper into the political, economic and as well as the cultural interactions. However, mainly focuses on the economy and the political system to illustrate the situation of today’s Macau. For instance, he points up the fact that Macau had shrived on some shady industries and business in the past, e.g., coolie trade, opium trade and gambling. The Gaming industries in modern Macau is in some sense a continuation of that past asks if this is a long term and healthy way for Macau development. In addition, Prof. Hao discusses the political system, especially the “One Country, Two Systems” in Macau, and questions how this special system in Macau and Hong Kong may affect the political development of mainland China.

More than 50 students and some academic staff of UM gathered at the Fellows’ Salon of CKYC to listen to Prof. Hao. A lively discussion followed the Master’s Tea came to an end in a most cordial manner.

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