CKYC Master’s Tea with Dr.John D.Ho, themed at “Happiness: a perspective borrowed from Economics”, was held successfully on 6th March. Dr. John D. Ho, who teaches at Lingnan University in Hong Kong gave us an insight into happiness using some concepts borrowing from economics.

The discussion went all over the place: we talked about ethical, social, legal and political constraints, spiritual and religious perspectives, hedonism vs. asceticism, risk as a source of Happiness.So, it’s not all just about money or enjoying a budget of one’s needs.

More than 50 students and a few fellows at at the CKYC Fellows Salon to explore the desire for or state of happiness. A lively discussion followed. The Master’s Tea came to an end in a most cordial manner.




蔡繼有書院學生 李宇靖及張俏婷