CKYC launched the Mentoring Programme for students

Toward the end of orientation activities for the 2018-2019 New Students, CKYC introduced a new mentoring program on 17 August 2018, this program can support students’ preparation to future career and the development of personal skills to let students find out what is needed for and plan their ideal career. This program provides flexibility to students to select fellows with similar interest or specialty from CKYC’s non-resident fellows and affiliates as their mentors. Then students can meet their mentors by making appointment or participate in events organized by their mentors. In order to establish a diversified communication platform which provide the professional academic advice to the student, and creating a better learning and living atmosphere, the mentors will organize different activities. Moreover, the ultimate goal of the program is to foster the rapport among the students.

The information and photos is partially provided by CKYC Resident Assistant, John Wong


一年一度的迎新活動已接近尾聲,蔡繼有書院於八月十七日向新同學們介紹了一個全新的導師輔導計劃,這個計劃能夠大大支持同學們對他們未來職業的準備和個人能力的發展,好讓同學了解到自身的需要並為自己的未來發展稍作規劃。此計劃由來自不同學科的書院導師們來擔任指導老師,同學們可以按照自身需要去選擇興趣相同的導師並可隨時約見自己的導師進行交流,導師亦會舉辦不同類型的活動,為同學們提供多樣的交流平台和學術上的專業建議, 創造更好地學習和 生活氛圍。此外這計劃的最終目的是希望能夠培養良好相同專業同學之間的關係, 能夠製造不同文化之間的持續學習與交流,促進個人能力的發展。