CKYC Joined the 5th Cross-Strait Forum on Education of Modern Colleges, July 17-20, 2018

The Cross-Strait College Alliance was established in 2014 by eight residential colleges from the top universities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China. Every summer, one of the members of the Alliance hosts a forum to invite all alliance members and other universities, educational institutes to join the forum regarding the residential college education. This year, Chinese University of Hong Kong hosts the forum, the 5th Cross-Strait Forum on Education of Modern Colleges on July 17-20, 2018 at the Yasumoto International Academic Park. 4 CKYC staff and 4 students participated in the forum.

A grand opening ceremony unveiled the Forum. Followed by the Opening Remark delivered by Prof. Jimmy Chai-mei Yu, Head of United College, 4 Keynote Speakers were invited to deliver speeches about the persisting value of colleges, the trend and development of colleges, challenges and innovation of colleges in the contemporary society. 9 College Heads of Chinese University of Hong Kong also introduced the vision, the history and the unique characteristics of each Colleges.

As a CKYCer, we felt excited and encouraging because the paper written by our Resident Fellow Dr. Yaning Qi and our Resident Assistant Mr. Michael Lin was selected and Michael successfully presented the paper during the Forum which focused on the student organization and student clubs’ governance in Choi Kai Yau College of University of Macau.

In addition, we visited the campus of CUHK, including the residential colleges to learn about their history, values and management system. 2-day forum brought a fruitful knowledge and experience to CKYC staff and students, we gathered together and learnt from each other residential colleges all over the world.