CKYC initiated mediation workshop to help students regarding stress release and performance improvement


When starting a new academic year, students might have to handle the increasing pressure from schoolwork. To help the students to cope with the stress, Choi Kai Yau College organized the workshop “Let’s Meditate: Lower Stress, Greater Health, Higher Performance!” on 10 September. The speaker, Prof. Chanthika Pornpitakpan shared many useful tips and explained the mechanism regarding how meditation could benefit the physical and mental health of individuals. Group meditation practice was also conducted during the workshop. It is expected that participants could cope with the coming challenge in the new academic year by comprehending the stress relief mechanism and putting the related knowledge into practice.

在新學年的開始,不少同學須面對學業上的壓力。為幫助同學能更好地處理生活中的壓力,蔡繼有書院於9月10日舉辦冥想減壓工作坊。講者Chanthika Pornpitakpan 教授分享了有效減壓的方法並詳細解釋冥想能有助身心健康的原理。除此之外,工作坊亦讓同學有機會進行集體冥想練習,希望參加者能更深入理解如何釋放壓力並將有關知識活學活用,迎接隨著新學年而來的挑戰。

Prof. Chanthika Pornpitakpan explained the mechanism of stress relief through meditation and demonstrated the posture for meditation

Chanthika Pornpitakpan 教授為同學解釋冥想減壓的原理及親身示範

Participants were active regarding the group meditation practice