Organized by CKYC House Association, the CKY Collegiate Sports Series in March 2017 is held successfully! The sport competitions provide CKYC members with intrinisic value for mental and psychological development. In addition, the competitions of table football, badminton, and volleyball also give an opportunity for members to build up the team spirit!

On Mar 8, 2017, the First CKYC Road Race, from the College to the Staff Quarters and back, a distance of about 3,500 meters, was won by Vector Hugh 徐藝銘 (16’28”63) for women, and by 陳載略 (15’50”73) for men. The Table Tennis tournament was won by 何凱壁 among the ladies, and 李焯豪among the gentlemen.

race 03 race 02


On Mar 15, 2017, we had badminton, 3-a-side volleyball, and swimming. Wendy Leong beat Ho Hoi Big for the Badminton Championship, while So Ji Fong defeated Leong Ka Keng on the men’s side. In 3-a-side volleyball, the team made up of Steven Lo, Hayo Lee, Katie Liu, and Madalena Lee triumphed over Steven Ho, Max Du, Vector Hugh, and Amber Wang. In the 50 meter race in the pool, Edward Lau and Tam Man Wai came first in the men’s and ladies event. Paul Lin, of course, was the organizer. Congrats, all!!!

voll swim 1 bad


On Mar 22, 2017, our very own March Madness! We had Foosball (Table Football). Eight teams competed and culminated in the finals between Alex and Winger on the one hand and Xaviera and Look on the other. Alex and Winger were the champions.

foos 1

















On Mar 29, 2017, the last item of the Sports Series was Orienteering which was fun and enjoyed by the participants!