Choi Kai Yau College Organized the High Table Dinner for graduates of Academic Year 2018/2019

蔡繼有書院首次畢業生高桌晚宴於2019年4月24日舉行。是次高桌晚宴有幸前牛津大學副校長、邀請知名神經行為學家、現任香港中文大學晨興書院院長Nicholas Rawlins教授作為演講嘉賓,Rawlins教授於演講中向同學們分享焦慮感可對人體健康造成的影響以及人工智能在未來用於舒緩焦慮感之可能性,相信Rawlins教授幽默而發人深思的演講能為同學們帶來啟發。


Choi Kai Yau College hosted the 1st High Table Dinner for the graduating students in the academic year of 2018/2019 on 24 April 2019. Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, distinguished Behavioral Neuroscientist, , and the Master of Morningside College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Nicholas Rawlins was invited as the keynote speakers of the Dinner. Professor Rawlins shared his insights regarding how anxiety could affect human health condition and how Artificial Intelligence can possibly contributes to anxiety reduction. Students were evidently inspired and motivated by the humorous, but profound speech delivered by Professor Rawlins.

High Table Dinner has been one of the most significant events of the residential colleges. The event not only provides the environment and atmosphere for students to be familiar with the formality of the special social occasion, but it also fosters the communication between students and fellows and provides a platform to showcase the talent of students and highlight the unique cultures of the residential colleges. Since the High Table Dinner was aimed to be an early celebration for the graduating students of this academic year, the College Master, Prof. Kevin Zhen sent his best wishes for the bright future of the graduates. At last, the Dinner was concluded with a harmonious group photo.