Global Awareness is one of the major themes of our College.  This Seminar + Workshop (April 9-10) discusses how to provide local solutions to global problems.  Though focused on Hong Kong, our participation will insure that there will also be a Macau perspective.  In fact, I will asked the organizers to pay some attention to Macau if a good number does come from here.  CKYC will support a small number of students with basic costs: ferry to and from Hong Kong, overnight hotel in Hong Kong (double occupancy), and taxi fares in Hong, a total of MOP 1,100 per student.  If interested, please apply to Ms. Sandia Leong of CKYC General Office (


COP21 refers to the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris 2015 (Nov-Dec).  Out of this conference emerged the Paris Agreement on the reduction of climate change.  The Hong Kong Seminar + Workshop is a follow-up of the Paris Conference, but with a focus on local problems that are also global.  Please see draft poster attached.


Your application should include your name in both Chinese and English (where applicable), Student ID, e-mail contact, and reasons why you are interested in such a seminar/workshop.  No knowledge of climate change is necessary.  Students of all disciplines/majors and in all years of study are encouraged to apply.