Management Rules for Residential Colleges


I. Interpretation      

In this Management Rules for Residential Colleges, unless otherwise stated

1.1. “Colleges” or “College” refers to the all constituent residential colleges of the University of Macau RC System.

1.2. “College Management” refers to Office Administration Staff, Masters, Associate Masters, Resident Fellows.

1.3. “Office” refers to the General Office of the College.

1.4. “Resident” includes students who are admitted as resident members of  Colleges, residential staff and their family members, guests of the University of Macau who are temporarily residing in the Colleges.

1.5. “Nonresident” refers to College members who do not reside in the College buildings.

1.6. “Visitor” includes all persons visiting the Colleges, who are escorted by a resident or member of staff.


II. Proof of Identity  

Residents or visitors must present their Student Cards, or any documents of identification, for inspection at the request of the College Management. Any resident or visitor who fails to comply with this may be refused entry into the College, or may be asked to leave the College.


III. Room Key Cards

3.1. Residents must keep their assigned key cards safe. Transfer of key cards is strictly prohibited.

3.2. Duplication of key card or holding multiple key cards is strictly prohibited.

3.3.  Assigned key cards must be returned to the Office when residents move out of College.

3.4. Charges will be incurred to a resident in case of:

3.4.1. Loss of key card.

3.4.2. Loan of room key card at the Security Counter;

3.4.3. Late return of key card borrowed from the Security Counter;

3.4.4. Malfunction of key card upon return.

3.5. Residents losing the key card for any reason must report this loss immediately to the Office and go through the replacement procedure.

3.6. Any charge paid for key card replacement is non-refundable in all circumstances.


IV. Respect for Other Residents          

4.1. Actions or behaviors which may interfere with other residents’ rights to privacy, time to study and rest, or normal use of facilities in the Colleges should be avoided.

4.2. Residents should not enter the bedrooms of other residents without consent.

4.3. Residents should not behave in any manner which is considered improper in any circumstance.

4.4. Residents should be properly attired in common areas of the Colleges at all times.


V. Change of Room

Change of room is not allowed except with permission of the College Master.


VI. Opposite Gender Visitation

Residents must not enter the rooms of the opposite gender.  Such meetings should be in common areas as prescribed by the College.


VII. Personal Property

7.1. Residents are responsible for their personal property in the Colleges. To minimize chances of theft, personal belongings should be kept in a safe place; the room door should be locked when leaving. Residential Colleges are not responsible for any loss of personal property.

7.2. Hallways, walkways and stairs should be kept clear of furniture, refuse, personal belongings large or small, and any other objects, so as not to obstruct passages and therefore escape routes during emergencies. Any items found in hallways, walkways and stairs may be removed without prior notice.


VIII. Public Property  

8.1. Residents shall not remove any furniture, fittings, fixtures or facilities provided for use in Colleges without prior approval from the Office.

8.2. Residents should not deface, defile or otherwise damage any wall or any structure of any kind, or any furniture, fittings, fixtures or facility provided for use in the Colleges, or install any new utility or fitting without prior approval from the Office. Residents who fail to comply with this clause shall be subject to charges imposed by the College Management.


IX. Visitors      

9.1. Since it is essential that Colleges know exactly who is in the College building, all visitors must complete registration procedure upon arrival and departure.

9.2. Visitors shall observe College Rules and Regulations. Any visitor who fails to comply shall be refused entry to the Colleges.

9.3. Nonresident visitors are only allowed to be in the Colleges between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm. No visitor access is allowed after 10:00 pm.

9.4. Visitors who overstay may be subject to normal daily charges and disciplinary action by the College.

9.5. A resident who invites visitor(s) to the Colleges shall accompany his/her visitor(s) during the entire stay in the College, and shall be responsible for their conduct and any charges incurred by them.

9.6. Subject to the availability of rooms the Master or nominee may permit a visitor temporary residence at a daily rate set by the university.  They will not be subject to the time limits above.

9.7. The Master may when advised by College Staff or the House Association Executive may extend visiting hours for particular approved events and purposes.


X. Fire Safety        

10.1. Cooking in the Colleges is prohibited except in the designated areas as authorized by the Office.

10.2. Cooking left unattended is strictly prohibited at all times.

10.3. Possession of chemicals, explosives or highly combustible materials that are potentially dangerous or damaging is prohibited.

10.4. Open flames, including candles and incense, are prohibited in any part of the Colleges except when approved by the Master or nominee in the case of specific ceremonies and celebrations.

10.5. Interference of fire service devices is strictly prohibited.


XI. Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling       

11.1. According to the University’s policy smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the Colleges.

11.2. Residents and their visitors shall not bring into or use in the Colleges any illegal drugs or misuse prescription drugs.

11.3. Consumption or storage of alcoholic beverages without prior approval from the Master is not allowed.


XII. Electrical Appliances     

12.1. Light electrical appliances intended for necessary personal care purposes may be used in the residents’ rooms and should be properly maintained. 

12.2. All other electrical appliances must be approved by College Management.

12.3. The College Management may remove any appliances which may disturb or endanger others.

12.4. Residents should endeavour to save energy in the Colleges.


XIII. Cleanliness  

13.1. It is the residents’ responsibility to keep their residential rooms and bathrooms clean and hygienic. Cleaning equipment is available on each floor.

13.2. Common or communal facilities must be left in a clean and tidy condition after use.  If such facilities are found to be in an unclean, untidy, or unhygienic condition, please report immediately to the RC Office.

13.3. Cost of cleaning common areas left in poor condition may be passed on the students responsible.


XIV. Commercial Activities      

14.1. Commercial promotions and activities are prohibited in the Colleges. Sale of any goods or services in the Colleges is not allowed without prior approval of the College Management.

14.2. Without prior approval of College Management, distribution of promotional items is prohibited.

14.3. Only posters with the stamp of the RC Office may be placed in those areas designated for posting.


XV. Quiet Hours and Noise Level       

15.1. Individual Colleges will negotiate quiet hours with the House Association and other College members and post them accordingly.

15.2. Students should avoid creating noise in any parts of the Colleges when meetings and other functions are in progress.

15.3. Quiet Hours may be extended during study and examination periods.

15.4. At all times, residents should keep noise levels reasonable so as not to cause nuisance to neighbors and fellow residents.


XVI. Pets

16.1. Pets of any size or kind are not allowed in the Colleges without permission of the Master.