The College Crest – Choi Kai Yau College, University of Macau



Symbolisms of the College Crest:

  1. The sailing ship suggests that life and the search for knowledge are a journey across the oceans, but the ocean, in this case, is an open book, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom;
  2. The ship is a schematic rendition of the famous treasure ship of Zheng He, the Chinese admiral and diplomat, who led seven expeditionary voyages in 1405-1433 reaching as far as the East Coast of Africa, nearly a century before Vasco da Gama. This suggests not only globalization but also a globalization as a Chinese tradition.
  3. The seven stars represent the seven continents, suggesting inclusiveness and global awareness. Just as the ship reaches out to the world, the seven stars also provide bearing for the ship.
  4. The star in the middle represents the collective wisdom of the staff and the students, who, through constant interaction, provide the engines for whole-person education.
  5. Sky Blue is the colour of the College.  Set against the darker blue of the deep blue sea and the rays from the sun, the possibilities are boundless.