A Warm Welcome to CKYC New Students!

Even though the tropical cyclone signal is hoisted, the passion of Choi Kai Yau College to welcome new students grows more and more! The CKYC mass move-in and the 1st lecture is held successfully to welcome over 200 new students from local, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and oversea respectively.

From the early morning on Aug 13, CKYC Staff, Floor Leaders, House Association and Student Helpers get well ready to deliver a warm welcome to the new students and their parents. The house association spares no pains to wait for new students’ arrival from the Alumni Avenue and guide them to the College for move-in registration. The Floor Leaders then guide them to floors with a simply introduction of college life. Our College photographer, Student John Wong, is running around here and there with his camera in order to capture each precious moment of CKYC new students. He also interviews the 1st moved-in student, Zhang Yina. The first impression Student Zhang feels is the passion of the local students and she hope she will meet and make great friendship in near future.

Photo: our HA members are helping the 1st new student,  Zhang Yina, to carry the luggage.

CKYC organizes three Parents Session during Aug 13-14. The College Master, Prof. Kevin Zhen introduces the motto and the 4-in-1 educational model of University of Macau, the vision and system of Choi Kai Yau College while the Associate Master, Dr. Walter Ho gives some background regarding the college life and experience to parents during the sessions.

Photo: CKYC Parents Session

CKYC 1st Lecture and Welcome Dinner to Year One Student is held at the evening on Aug 14 to unveil the prologue of the college life. During the speech delivered by Prof. Zhen, the college motto of CKYC is elaborated to new students. Prof. Zhen mentioned that CKYC is a big family to promote Chinese culture and traditions with global perspective and patriotism. Besides the wonderful speech, CKYC student leaders produced a string of amazing and highly enjoyable performances to our new students. First, we have our senior student leaders on stage to deliver a meaningful drama. Then our CKYC bear and residential assistants brought us a fascinating singing performance and K-pop dance. Our House Association members also brings their rapping talents into full play. The atmosphere of the dinner pushes to climax by our College singer, Adam Chan!

Photo: CKYC College Master, Prof. Kevin Zhen, is delivering the 1st Lecture to New Students.

At the end of the dinner, everyone joins in the group photo, drawing a successful close to the vibrant night, the first night that leaves the CKYC new students an unforgettable experience.

Photo: Group photo of all staff & students.


儘管貝碧嘉來襲,蔡繼有書院迎接新生的熱情沒減反增呢!一連兩天新生入學和迎新晚宴在一片歡呼聲之中畫上休止符,二零一八 / 二零一九學年蔡繼有書院迎來了二百多名來自本地、內地、香港、台灣和海外的新生。

相片: 忙得不可開交的新生入學櫃檯。



相片: 倪明選副校長 (學術) 與 學生事務長 彭執中先生 在書院裏遇見家長,互相問候。

為了宣揚書院為家的氛圍,8月14日晚上在書院餐廳裏舉行了 “蔡繼有書院第一課暨迎新晚宴”,為未來四年的書院生涯掀開序幕。在晚宴上,院長甄勇教授為新生們上了書院第一課,教導院生在學習知識的同時,亦必須擔起傳承中華文化、張揚人文精神,成為具世界視野的愛國公民。另外,書院的學生領袖們還特意為新生準備了豐富的餘興節目,首先是樓層小老師以風趣幽默的手法演繹了三幕極具教育意義的情景劇;接著粉墨登場的是蔡繼有熊和樓層小助理,悠揚的歌聲和韓風的舞步擦出了爆炸性的融合,贏得了大家的拍案叫絕;院生會的學生領袖不禁示弱,獻上了哄動全場的饒舌歌;壓軸表演當然是蔡繼有書院歌神 – 陳青同學為一眾新生高歌一曲,把晚宴的氣氛推至高潮!


相片: 一眾學生領袖為新生送上豐富的表演節目。