Dear CKYC Students,

Kindly please be informed that the Typhoon Signal No. 8 will be hanged at 19:30 TONIGTH, please pay attention to the following arrangement:

For Y1 students:

  1. CKYC 1st Lecture and Welcome Dinner to Y1 Students:
    1. The Lecture and Dinner will be held as usual for students only at CKYC dining hall;
    2. If you are now staying at the College, please join the event; Registration starts at 18:30, Lecture and Dinner starts at 19:00;
    3. If you are not here at the College at this moment, please do NOT come back and stay at the safety location;
    4. Parents: please inform your parents that they MUST leave Campus at or before 18:30, otherwise, the public transportation will stop starting from 19:30.  We will contact the students whose parents already paid MOP 200 for meals later for the refund.

For Y2 and above students:

  1. If you have checked in and are staying now at the College at this moment, you could go for the CKYC 1st Lecture and Welcome dinner;

For All CKYC students:

  1. Enclosed please find the Health and Safety Tips for Adverse Weather for your reference;
  2. If you encounter any problems during the tropical cyclone, please contact:
    1. Associate Master: Dr. Walter Ho by calling +853 6618 2953
    2. Security Guard by calling +853 6233 0719
    3. Functional Head of General Office: Ms. Ishtar Chan by calling +853 6653 5940
    4. RT/RA at your floor by Floor WeChat Group

For further information about the tropical cyclone, please listen to radio and TV announcements, and browse the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) website

Please take care of your own safety and close all windows and doors.

Many thanks.

Choi Kai Yau College


請注意:澳門氣象局將於今天晚上 7:30分懸掛八號風球,請見以下緊急安排:


  1. 蔡繼有書院第一課及迎新晚宴:
    1. 晚宴將會如常進行;
    2. 如果你已經回到書院,請你出席晚宴;登記時間從晚上6:30開始,第一課和晚宴在7:00開始;
    3. 如果你現在不在書院,你不需要回來出席晚宴,請待在安全的地方,避免外出;
    4. 另外,家長務必於6:30或以前離開學校,公共交通將於7:30開始停駛。如果你的家長已經報名和付款出席晚宴,我們之後會與你聯絡作退款程序。


  1. 如果你已經進行入住手續,而且在風暴期間留在書院的話,我們邀請你一起參加新生第一課和晚宴,地點是蔡繼有書院餐廳;


  1. 附件請見防災安健小貼士及颱風間風暴潮低窪地區疏散撤離計劃以供參考;
  2. 如於風暴期間遇上任何問題,請馬上聯絡我們:
    1. 書院副院長:何敬恩博士,電話:+853 6618 2953
    2. 書院保安:電話:+853 6233 0719
    3. 書院辦公室主任:陳錦鑾小姐,電話:++853 6653 5940
    4. 書院樓層小老師或助理:樓層微信群